© 2023 D. Jason Fleming, CC BY-SA 4.0

The iktaPOP Media site is back online, under the founder's control, with new software installed. The catalog info is not back, and will need to be rebuilt by hand, and I'm almost certainly going to make the catalog a storefront so you can buy ebooks directly from me, in addition to Amazon. (The prices will be one penny higher, to comply with Amazon's requirements, but also subscriptions will be available which will give access to More Books.)

The new software is Ghost, which I'm excited about, but which I need actually to learn. So, February is for learning, along with writing, along with publishing new public domain books. We will see how this goes.

As far as subscriptions go, I will set up paid tiers later. I want to figure out whether to keep this site and Locals as separate things, merge them, or what.

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